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Thursday, July 07, 2011

Funky Locker Room Report

Well here are some highlights from Harry's RCPCPAHWMHRM
(Last 6 letters stand for Harry Wins Match Harry Runs Match).

First an incredible mix up with ammunition by Doc Eckerson.
Doc brought .45 ammo for a .38 wadcutter semi auto.

After several jams Harry inspected the gun and ammo and advised Doc to have Steve Albanese look at it.

Fleming walked over spotted the problem immediately and advised Doc to come back the next day with the right ammo,.(Which he did)

An investigation revealed that the Doc had been doing many breast examinations over the years particularly with sizes 38 and 45 and he simply got his boobs and bullets mixed up.
In the battle for the top spot we saw a city versus country competition between Albanese and Schatzel and the shooter from way up north took the honors with a 1474.

Over the years we have frequently seen small local departments soundly defeat the best NYPD teams that showed.

Schatzel had stopped at Walmarts to get a pair of $3.00 glasses and they worked. He fired a 594 match 5 leaving everyone wondering what's going on here.

After the match Walmarts parking lot was filled with shooters going for the glasses.
Harry who ran the match and printed the bulletin listed himself as the winner in both service gun matches, the semi auto match and the speed challenge.

This of course is being looked into.

Fleming did defeat Schatzel in stage 1 of the auto and did defeat Baumann in stage 1 of the speed challenge. Stage 2 requires better vision so Fleming was off to Walmarts after the match also.

As the Military Appreciation Match is coming up next, Harry wants Army representation to help battle the Marines that will be present (includes Andrew, Fleming, and Thurston).

He contacted Camp Smith and West Point to bring in their pistol teams but when they heard who was shooting but units declined saying "We wouldn't have a chance".

As a result Harry is off to Camp Perry to try and get some army shooters to show up.

Mike Mosner went back to his old ways after shooting the 1464 and has signed up for the Marine Corps Reserve to get more instruction and remain on top.
That's it for now.

Great matches on the Horizon including the State Championship and the Military Appreciation Match.

Expect miraculous results from the Marines.

Jerry Fleming