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Tuesday, October 15, 2013

The NYPCA 2013 Annual Membership
 Meeting and Match Sponsors 
meeting will be held 
Saturday November 9th.

20 Maple Ave, New City, NY ‎
(845) 639-5800 ‎ 

2013 NYPCA
Annual Awards Brunch

Mt. Ivy Café

Pomona, New York

December 7, 2013

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Ed Goutink is home from the hospital and recovering.

He hope to join us on the line next year

Friday, August 30, 2013

 Hey Everyone;

Ed Goutink had his open heart surgery this past Wednesday and the surgeon did find a heart in Ed’s chest.

The valve replacement went well and he is resting in the hospital for a few more days. 

Ed is hoping to join us all on the firing line again next season.

Monday, August 19, 2013

Hey Everyone;

Next week, August 28th,  Ed Goutink  goes in for his valve replacement surgery.

They have to do it via an open heart procedure, not through the vein similar to an angiogram procedure, which Ed was hoping the surgeon would be able to do.

Out thoughts and prayers go out to Ed and his family hoping for a quick full recovery.

Thursday, May 09, 2013

Update on 2013 NYPCA Annual Awards
With the addition of the two matches 
sponsored by Roslyn this year you 
will now need six matches to qualify 
for 2013 annual awards

Wednesday, November 28, 2012


For any NYPCA members who participate they can have their top 3 scores count toward annual awards, a fee of $6.00 will be charged.

 Outdoor NYPCA PPC Schedule


Match Location:

Monroe Chester Sportsman's Club Monroe, New York

Contact: Harry A. Baumann 9 FairView Ave. Nanuet, NY 10954 845-639-5870

BTPCS Monroe Chester Sportsman's Club Monroe, New York
Contact:Peter Venturella
15 Putnam Place Clifton, NJ 07011973-478-8074

NYPD Monroe Chester
Sportsman's Club Monroe, New York
Contact: Brian Jackson

Calverton, New York, Long Island

Frank Trombino
56 Heatherfield Road Valley Stream, NY 11561

NRA Nationals will count towards Gov. 10/20 Annual Awards but individual must submit score to NYPCA Statistics Officer.
The NYPCA will conduct the second NYS Law Enforcement Games (Pistol) and the 1500, Service Gun, Semi-Auto and team will count toward annual awards.
The NYPCA matches July 5 & 6 will be a no–frills match.
Shooters must shoot 4 scores in the 1500, Service Weapon, Semi-Auto and team matches to qualify for annual Governor Twenty awards. 
There will be a Service Gun League, being held at the Monroe/Chester indoor range.

Friday, November 23, 2012


                        2012 NYPCA Annual Meeting 
                               and Election Results

Well, with the 2012 NYPCA Awards Brunch having been held on Saturday 8 December 2012 the shooting season has come to a close.

At the annual meeting there were a few changes.

1- We decided to revert back to the NRA service gun match course of fire, the only change from our current course of fire is 3 yd line 6 rd strong hand 8 sec and 15 yd line 12 rd in 20 sec, all other stages will stay in effect.

2- There will be a service gun league being held at Monroe/Chester Sportsman Club indoor range starting on Monday evening 7 pm 21 Jan and ending in April. You will be able to elect to have your three top scores count toward annual awards for a $2.00 fee for each score.

3- To determine the State Champion and first in each class it will be an aggregate of the 1500 (revolver or Semi-Auto), Semi-Auto, and Service Weapon. This will determine the overall best shooter in the association. This will not affect the cash awards in each of the classes in the State Championship.

4- As of now Roslyn will be conducting two matches in Calverton.

5- The only change on the Executive Board of the Association is that Ron Dileo has replaced Ray Bravo everyone else stayed the same as last year.

6- The Executive Board has been given the authority to explore on having the Law Enforcement Games in September opened up to other state clubs by conducting a postal match but this is only in the preliminary stages at this point.

7- As you can see by the 2013 calendar that we only have 11 matches scheduled for the season that changes how many matches (11) you will need to qualify for annual awards. Hopefully with the change in the qualification for the State Championship winners that more shooters come out for the Semi-Auto Match.

8- This next year we would like to see more shooters come out for the team match. You only need three matches to qualify for annual awards and it's open to teams that are made up of two shooters and they do not have to be from the same department.

9- The association is planning to conduct a steel plate and a tactical match at Monroe in June 13 as a fund raiser. More information will follow.

10- Attached is the 2013 renewal application, please fill it out and send it into the association.

Hope to see you in two weeks for the Annual Awards Brunch, any questions I can be reached on my cell 845 721-7693


Harry Baumann
NYPCA President

Thursday, March 01, 2012

Hey Shooters;

If your interested in the Ray Vin Super smoker you can find it at this website.

You will have to copy and paste for it to work.


Sunday, December 25, 2011

It is official.

After 37 years, John retired from the Kingston Police Department.

It was a difficult decision for him to make.

Yesterday, 12/23, was a very tough day for him, but one that he will always remember. During his last tour of duty, he received many congratulatory phone calls, hand shakes and hugs from police officers and others. His tour ended at 11:00 (PM) with a remarkable "event".

As John left Police Headquarters, there were many parked law enforcement vehicles with lights flashing.
Officers from the Kingston Police Department, NY State Police and Town of Ulster Police Dept. stood at attention to salute John as he left.

Then, he was given a police escort home, with flashing lights all the way.

(Julie had to ride "shotgun" in the lead car to show the way.)

(The police dept. will be having a party in honor of John in January.)

Just wanted to share this with you!! Needless to say, I am soooooooooooo very proud of him!

John's e-mail is: ,

if you want to drop him a note.

Love, Char

All of us in the New York Police
Combat Association wish to
congratulate John
on his long and illustrious
law enforcement career.

Enjoy your retirement John,
you earned it.

Monday, November 21, 2011

2011 NYPCA Annual Meeting

Well we've had the 2011 Annual meeting last Saturday Nov 12 and as usual there were only the executive board and about 5 other members to make all the decisions on changes for next years shooting season. So if you weren't there then you will have to accept the changes that were voted on and they were significant.

First of all we will be accepting out of state law enforcement as Associate Members who can receive association annual awards only in the open class. If they shoot sponsored matches during the season they will go by their NRA classification.

The second big change is the service weapon course of fire will be changed as follows:

STAGE 1: 3yds... double action 6 shots one hand (strong), from the standing unsupported position, 6 shots one hand (weak) standing unsupported position, 20 sec, includes reload

STAGE 2: 7 yds... double action, 12 shots from standing unsupported position, 20 seconds, includes reload

STAGE 3: 15 yds.. double action, 6 shots from standing unsupported position, 12 sec

STAGE 4: 25 yds.. double action, 6 shots kneeling strong hand using the barricade, 6 shots standing left hand barricade, 6 shots standing right hand barricade, includes reloading, 90 sec

Targets will be changed after stage 2 B27E target

If you shoot the service weapon at individual matches it will still be the lewis system for match sponsor awards.

The final big change is the designated team match (annual awards) was changed from the 1500 match to the service weapon match. The price for registering as a designated team at time of membership renewal will be $10 per team competitor.

For annual awards the teams will have a classification which will be broken down by the NRA classification percentage.

High Master …. 99.0 and above 476 to 480

Master………... 98.1 to 98.9 471 to 475

Expert………… 96.8 to 98.0 465 to 470

Sharpshooter…. 93.7 to 96.7 450 to 464

Marksman……. 90.1 to 93.6 433 to 463

Classified……. 90.0 and below 432 and below

So at the end of the season your average is 475 then you are a master your team partners end of season average is 470 he would be an expert so the team would be a master team.

Also on the NYS Police and Fire Games web site they have indicated that the games for 2012 and the future have been suspended.

But the NYPCA will continue to conduct the 2012 Law Enforcement Games (pistol) at the Monroe/Chester Sportsman Club on July 26-27-28, 2012.

Try to come out and keep the tradition going.

Last year we ran the games in June which was fairly successful.

2012 application and match dates are attached.

There is still a question of who the NYPD representative is.

The executive board of last year agreed to continue for 2012.


Tuesday, November 01, 2011

One of the newest
CA Teams.

As you can see, Harry and Mike have finally come to a
agreement about the name of their shooting team.


From now on they will be the
Clark Chester Shooting Team.

Please note the
"Clark" is in Clarkstown blue
and the "Chester" is in Westchester orange.


The UN couldn't have worked out a better compromise!

Thursday, October 20, 2011


2012 Membership Application

NAME: ___________________________________________________ DOB: ____________________

ADDRESS: __________________________________________ CITY: __________________________

STATE: ____-- ZIP: _______ HOME PHONE: ________________CELL #__________________

E-MAIL: _____________________________________ DATE FIRST JOINED NYPCA_____________

DEPARTMENT: _________________________WORK PHONE: ( ) _______________________




NRA NUMBER: _________________________ PISTOL PERMIT NUMBER: ____________________


___ RENEWAL $30.00, ___ NEW MEMBERS $40.00, ___ LIFE MEMBER

( 25 YEARS +)


TEAM NAME: _____________________________ TEAM CLASS: ______________

TEAM PARTNER: __________________________SHIRT SIZE:______________

Please make checks payable to NYPCA and mail to:

Mark Dorfman

45 Treetop Circle

Nanuet, New York 10954

845 352-7921

REV 11/12



Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Funky Locker Room Report
By Gerry Fleming

Time for a report on the Over and Under Match, (formerly the Bridge and Tunnel).
(Over the hill and under the weather).

Controversy and possible criminal activity mars the match and Harry wasn't even present.

First let it be noted that marine Fleming beat marine Andrews in the semi auto match.
This was on Friday after Fleming sold Andrews some "special 9mm ammo".
Andrews "claimed his gun jammed" and couldn't get off 5 shots.

The trouncing was severe 561-530.
Then on Saturday Fleming's clipboard (with calculator) was shot while sticking 2" above the log at 25 yrds.

Immediately Andrews was suspected but no one had seen him.

An investigation by Pete revealed than Andrews works for Kimber assembling scoped rifles (the truth) and was possibly in the woods behind the pistol range.

DNA samples of the bullet fragment and Andrews lunch plate have been forwarded to BCI and we are awaiting results.

Good to see Sal Matos and Derrick Lopez back at the matches.

When I inquired where Bassett was, Sal said he needed further remedial Sgts training and should be joining us in the future.

Derrick who likes to frequently switch occupations took on the role of drill instructor (military match) and so scarred the shooters with threats of expulsion and worse if there were any late shots that the 12 in 20 at the 7 & 15 yd lines averaged 8 seconds.

This of course caused some very low scores in match 1 and shook the shooters nerves for the rest of the match, possibly causing Andrews to fumble his rounds and lose to Fleming.

Let it be noted that Harry, a retired Colonel with the Army reserve failed to show for the Military match and instead went to Ohio.

Fear of Marine shooters suspected.

Time to start supporting our matches or we are going to lose them as only 22 shooters showed for this match.

Thursday, July 07, 2011

Funky Locker Room Report

Well here are some highlights from Harry's RCPCPAHWMHRM
(Last 6 letters stand for Harry Wins Match Harry Runs Match).

First an incredible mix up with ammunition by Doc Eckerson.
Doc brought .45 ammo for a .38 wadcutter semi auto.

After several jams Harry inspected the gun and ammo and advised Doc to have Steve Albanese look at it.

Fleming walked over spotted the problem immediately and advised Doc to come back the next day with the right ammo,.(Which he did)

An investigation revealed that the Doc had been doing many breast examinations over the years particularly with sizes 38 and 45 and he simply got his boobs and bullets mixed up.
In the battle for the top spot we saw a city versus country competition between Albanese and Schatzel and the shooter from way up north took the honors with a 1474.

Over the years we have frequently seen small local departments soundly defeat the best NYPD teams that showed.

Schatzel had stopped at Walmarts to get a pair of $3.00 glasses and they worked. He fired a 594 match 5 leaving everyone wondering what's going on here.

After the match Walmarts parking lot was filled with shooters going for the glasses.
Harry who ran the match and printed the bulletin listed himself as the winner in both service gun matches, the semi auto match and the speed challenge.

This of course is being looked into.

Fleming did defeat Schatzel in stage 1 of the auto and did defeat Baumann in stage 1 of the speed challenge. Stage 2 requires better vision so Fleming was off to Walmarts after the match also.

As the Military Appreciation Match is coming up next, Harry wants Army representation to help battle the Marines that will be present (includes Andrew, Fleming, and Thurston).

He contacted Camp Smith and West Point to bring in their pistol teams but when they heard who was shooting but units declined saying "We wouldn't have a chance".

As a result Harry is off to Camp Perry to try and get some army shooters to show up.

Mike Mosner went back to his old ways after shooting the 1464 and has signed up for the Marine Corps Reserve to get more instruction and remain on top.
That's it for now.

Great matches on the Horizon including the State Championship and the Military Appreciation Match.

Expect miraculous results from the Marines.

Jerry Fleming

Monday, May 23, 2011

The Arizona Department of Safety Officer pulled over pick-up truck owner Mike Murray for a weapons check because of an NRA bumper sticker.

When the officer approached the vehicle, the man behind the wheel handed the officer his driver's license, insurance card and concealed carry permit.

The officer took all the documents, looked them over and said, "Mr. Murray, I see you have a CCP.

Do you have any weapons with you?" The driver replied, "Yes I do. I have a 357 handgun in a hip holster, a .45 in the glove box and a .22 derringer in my boot." The officer looked at Mike and asked, "Anything else?" "Yes. I have a Mossberg 500 12 gauge and an AR-15 in the trunk."

The officer asked if the man was driving to or from a shooting range and the man said he wasn't, so the officer bent over and looked into the driver's face and said "Mr. Murray, you're carrying quite a few guns.

May I ask what you are afraid of?"

Mike locked eyes with the officer and calmly answered, "Not a fucking thing!!!"

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Above is a photo of Harry's "birthday party" which ALWAYS takes place during the Law Enforcement Games....No matter what day his real birthday falls.

Note the waitress in the background at the restaurant hitting Harry on the head with the rubber hammer.

I think she hit too hard which affected his shooting Saturday morning.

This photo is posted on the blog as a public service message to remind other shooters to avoid unnecessary celebrations prior to shooting matches.

There is an unsubstantiated rumor that a long time retiree from Clarkstown PD paid off the waitress to be sure she used the hammer on the right guy.

Friday, January 07, 2011

I have come to realize I will not be getting back into PPC anytime soon (work assignments and children being the prime culprits). Because of that I will be selling my 1500 (softball) and possibly my 6" Distinguished revolvers along with their respective equipment.
The information on them is below and I can provide photos if someone is interested.. I don't mean to impose upon you and turn you into sales agents. I am simply asking that you pass my contact information onto anyone you hear may be interested in such firearms. But I can provide you with a bonus if you find a suitable buyer.
1500 PPC Revolver
Keefer Custom (Master Gunsmith Jerry Keefer)
Smith & Wesson K Frame (.38 sp)
This revolver shoots .38 spec. rounds, but has a 9mm barrel which mandates light loads without jackets (but shoots very tight groups).
Aristocrat (full length) sights
Ted Blocker Holster
6" Distinguished Revolver
Smith & Wesson Model 14 (14-6)
K Frame (.38 sp)
Adjustable Rear Sight
Trigger tuned by Jerry Keefer
Full Lug
Safariland Holster (like new)
Thank you, gentlemen.
Officer M.D. Raat
Patrol Operations
Henrico County Division of Police
P.O. Box 90775
Henrico, VA 23273
M: (804) 247-0553

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

This is the .38 cal. PPC revolver I am selling.

It was built by John Blauvelt and come's with 2 rails, the one attached with a Bushnell Trophy dot, and an Aristocrat Model TS-6 Tri-set open Sight rib.

This gun has not seen hard use and has less than 1500 rounds through it.

The asking price is $775.00. Fred

Sunday, July 11, 2010

If you know of anyone looking for a S&W 14 distinguished revolver, I just took in a like new model 14-6, 6" heavy lug barrel, with the forged steel internals and NO LOCK.

This is the best revolver S&W made for PPC distinguished.

Sunday, January 03, 2010

Hey Everyone;

I am not sure how correct the below message is.

But I have attached the TSA website so you can check it out for yourself.


From the TSA website: The container must be locked. A locked container is defined as one that completely secures the firearm from access by anyone other than you. Fortunately they had non-TSA locks available for purchase at the counter
Here's the link. It's the fourth bullet down:

AFSA-IRS Members:

I am forwarding the information below from the SAIC of the Federal Air
Marshal Service Liaison Division for your information.

Greg Szczeszek
Executive Director

I am a AFAUSSS member and the SAIC of the Federal Air Marshal Service
Liaison Division.

This message is being distributed to avoid confusion regarding the Law
Enforcement Officers Safety Act (LEOSA) of 2004 (also known as H.R.
218 and Public Law No. 108-277) and the authority to possess a weapon
aboard commercial aircraft.

The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) has reported recent
occurrences of retired Law Enforcement Officers (LEOs) attempting to
transit airport security checkpoints while in possession of a firearm.
Based on conversations with these retired LEOs, the majority of these
instances were caused by their belief that LEOSA entitled retired law
enforcement officers to carry a firearm while traveling by commercial

The federal regulation which governs carriage of accessible weapons is
C.F.R. §1544.219, (Carriage of accessible weapons) and includes no
provision for retired law enforcement personnel. LEOSA amends the
Gun Control Act to exempt qualified active and retired law enforcement
officers from State and local laws prohibiting the carriage of
concealed firearms. While 18 USC§ 44.926(b) gives qualified
individual’s greater latitude when carrying a concealed firearm, it
does not permit those otherwise eligible to carry a firearm in the
passenger cabin of a commercial aircraft.

If you think it is helpful, please disseminate this information to our
colleagues to assist them in avoiding incidents at TSA airport
security check points that may result in unnecessary delays or
possible criminal/civil action.

If you have any questions, please call me at 703-487-3331.

Jim Gallagher

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

You've been invited by Mark Dorfman to view an album
At the Photodex online sharing site.
Click the following link to view the collection:

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Wednesday, December 10, 2008

2010 Membership Application

NAME: ____________________________________________ DOB: ____________________

ADDRESS: _______________________________________ CITY: _____________________

STATE: ____ ZIP: _______ HOME PHONE: ( ) _________CELL #________________

E-MAIL: ______________________________ DATE FIRST JOINED NYPCA__________________

DEPARTMENT: ______________________________WORK PHONE: ( ) _________________




NRA NUMBER: ___________________ PISTOL PERMIT NUMBER: ____________________


___ RENEWAL $30.00, ___ NEW MEMBERS $40.00, ___ LIFE MEMBER
( 25 YEARS +)


TEAM NAME: _____________________________ TEAM CLASS: ______________

TEAM PARTNER: __________________SHIRT SIZE:______________

Please make checks payable to NYPCA and mail to:

Mark Dorfman
45 Treetop Circle
Nanuet, New York 10954
845 352-7921

REV 11/07

Friday, September 12, 2008


Do you have items you want to
buy, sell, swap?
List them here
Please be as specific as possible when you list.
(IE: make, model, caliber, etc)
It would help if you could provide a picture of the item.
Be sure to list your name and contact information.
(phone number/email address)
and the price your asking for your item.

I have a friend that is recently retired from law enforcement and PPC shooting.
He has asked me to help him sell some of his guns.
He has a S&W performance center 5906 PPC 9mm 5" distinguished and a 4" service auto each of them come with 10 magazines.
He is asking $1400 for the 5" and $1200 for the 4".

He also has a Model M3 Benelli shotgun with a 20" barrel for $900. These guns are in excellent condition.
If you are interested in any of these guns let me know and I will get you in touch with the owner of the guns.
Mark Wiltsey

Friday, January 04, 2008

This is a long article but well worth the few
minutes it will take to read it thru to the end.
Recreational Shooting:
Are you doing enough?
By Michael E. Clark

There is less than a 2% chance, during a 20 year career, that a police officer will have to draw and fire their weapon in defense or aggression. Which leaves a burning question: Are you prepared to bring accurate and decisive fire upon an armed opponent intent on doing you harm?

We all remember the Police Academy and the excitement that driving through the cones at high speed brought, as well as going to the Range to learn to shoot and eventually qualify. If you’re lucky, you are from a smaller agency whose academy allowed for more personal attention to be given to students, purely as an element of instructor to student ratio. Other larger metropolitan agencies may have had a 10:1 ratio whereby the instructor is forced to assess his/her ten charges on day one for basic firearms training. On average 6-7 will pass with little help. One or two more will need basic instructions repeated to alleviate excessive grip (milking), flinching (anticipation), and to correct sight alignment/trigger control. The last student, while earnest and redeemable, requires constant supervision. At first for safety, then tutoring with additional ammunition, but most of all, the one on one attention of a dedicated instructor. There are scores of great instructors in my department who have to work with such ratios. Complimenting those who are doing well, encouraging those who show improvement each day, and working tirelessly to convey the concepts of basic marksmanship to all, in far too little time.
They have my admiration because I worked among them.

After graduation, we went home with our shiny new badges, I.D. cards which quietly let us go 70 instead of 55, and brand new guns. Us “buffs” were at the range the next day. Some got their feet wet at new commands for a week, then called Academy buddies and went shooting together on days off. Others still, hung the gun in their lockers, let their hair grow back to pre-academy lengths, and only shot twice a year when forced to qualify. It takes all kinds, and as time passes, life gets in the way.

The new recruit is generally single, 20-25 years old, and living at home. A small number will enter the Academy married, with even fewer having children. Decisions to ‘carry’ or not, to buy an off-duty, and whether or not to bring it home and how to store it are as varied as the department is diverse. We struggle to top-pay, get married, buy a house, get second jobs, fix up the house, have kids, coach teams, work ordered O/T, and try to find time to go fishing ONCE in a while. But I guarantee you USED shoot more.

The point of the aforementioned is that shooting is a perishable skill. Have you ever noticed that when you drag out the cleats and the softball bat in April/May for the precinct team or bar league, that you’re a bit, “rusty” ? It takes a week or two in the spring for the golf swing to come back. Maybe it’s getting back in the gym after a prolonged absence and you can’t lift as much? The same principles apply to shooting. It’s a ‘use it’ or ‘lose it’ type of deal. Even shooting ONCE between qualifications is better than not shooting at all. Excuses are where you find them. “The job sucks”, “We don’t have a contract”, and “ I’m not PAYIN’ for ammo….” are unaccept-able reasons for NOT investing in your (or your partner’s) survival.

Summer is long over, your softball team finished last, and your coaching duties are done for another year. The beach is too cold, the boat is out of the water, and the leaves are all raked up. On your day off, the kids are at school, your spouse is working, and you plan to watch the games you TiVo’d during the week. But instead of being an arm-chair warrior, why don’t you plan on bringing home your gunbelt and hitting the range.

There are many and diverse types of shooting venues out there to accommodate all skill levels and budgets for your desired type of firearms training. When I was single (and yes, living at home) I would pick vacation to go to Smith & Wesson Academy each year for a week. The training facility is in Springfield, Massachusetts just outside the gate of the plant. It is only 2.5 hours from NYC, 5 miles north of the Conn. Border on I-91 and can be driven without the hassle of transporting firearms on a plane. Classes run from 1-3 days on the civilian side of the house, where many entry level skills can be learned. Law Enforcement training, for the serious shooter, can be had over 5 days for $900 with ammo included and excellent instruction. Skills like shooting while moving, low-light shooting, room entry (slicing the pie), multiple targets, reload drills, and extensive emphasis on holster work from a level 2 or 3 security holster is undertaken. Day five of Tactical Pistol includes force-on-force Simunition drills. [] Sig-Sauer in northern New Hampshire, offers courses from 4 hours to 5 days and ranges from $95- $850 for an even larger variety of courses than S & W. [] For the truly insane, checkout Blackwater USA and expect a Navy Seal indoctrination to tactical shooting. (read: Double Diamond skiers only) []

Now if schools are not your thing, or between the family Disney trip, a used station car around 1998, and going away shooting, a school is just not in the cards, try this: Go to a shooting match. There are many shooting games out there, too many in fact to list, but the two best for the Patrol Officer are P.P.C. and I.P.S.C.

Police Pistol Combat is an N.R.A. sanctioned style of competition that emphasizes marksmanship and unconventional shooting positions. Firing is done from 3, 7, 15, 25, and 50 yards. Positions range from one-handed close in, to right and left-handed barricade, kneeling at 25 yards, and sitting with the gun held on your knee for support and prone (flat on your stomach) at the 50 yard line. It may sound daunting, but after a few weeks you’ll be both surprised and pleased at your ability to engage a man sized silhouette target with confidence at varying distance. Check out the New York Police combat Association’s website [] for a schedule of matches and information. Matches are held from April through October outdoors in upstate Monroe, N.Y. @ Monroe-Chester Sportsman’s Club. Indoor matches can be had at Master Class Shooter’s Supply year-round. [] (845)774-GUNS The owner, Dennis, is a Sheriff and competitor himself, finishing in the N.Y.S. Governor’s Twenty for over two decades.

International Practical Shooting Competition is run by the United States Practical Shooting Association or U.S.P.S.A. and put simply is ‘run and gun’. Now I don’t say this to be cavalier, nor make it sound reckless, but if you have EVER wanted to shoot while moving…this is for you! I.P.S.C. is a sport which emphasizes ACCURACY and SPEED both. It can be an excellent tool to advance your pistol skills so long as you train to have the discipline and frame of mind to VERIFY your target before you fire. This sport can make you fast and accurate, but for us there is never, EVER the assumption of a shot.

Basically, I.P.S.C. matches have 5-6 “stages” where club members go to great lengths to set up ‘props’ on the range with various shooting scenarios. You arrive at the range, pay your match fee, $20-50 dollars (quit whining, you’ll pay $100 for a round of golf, right?), get squadded with 6-10 people, then do a ‘walk-through’ of the course before it is fired. You will shoot with all skill levels and some for whom shooting is akin to religion. Everybody there (read: those that DON’T carry guns for a living…) are there because the WANT to be. They are good. They might even break your chops a little, but they will ALL help you enjoy the sport and become a better shooter. Trust me, nothing is as ‘ humbling ‘ as getting your proverbial ass-kicked, at a weekend match, by a woman who works for Cablevision.

You may start up-range with the gun in the holster and your hands above your shoulders in the ‘surrender position’. At an audible start signal (P.A.C.T. shot-timer) and while standing in box A, engage three falling steel targets (pepper-poppers) 10 yards away, which are 10 inches wide. Then move to shooting box B (7 yards diagonally down-range to the right), engage 2 cardboard targets (T1 & T2) through window #1 with 2 shots each. Perform a mandatory re-load, then pivot – engage 2 paper targets (T3 & T4) through window #2 with 2 shots each. Open door, (yes the real door and door frame anchored in the sandy range) and proceed down-range (12 yards diagonally left) while performing a mandatory re-load (preferably on the run to save time…) and stop in shooting box C. Engage falling steel target #4, which activates paper target (T5) on a “swinger” (via a pull-chain and counter weight) that swings through its ‘arc’ back and forth through a wooden window frame, only visible at the 12 o’clock position until it stops swinging which burns time.

The variety of stages is only limited by the match organizers and the club members creativity. Area and Regional Championships are up to 9 stages and often have intricate props such as running across chain supported docks suspended over kiddie-pool moats and start positions that include sitting in the drivers seats of junk cars towed on to the range. It is extremely challenging and located out in Westhampton, L.I. by Gabreski Airport, exit 63 off Sunrise Highway. Matches @ Long Island Practical Shooters are year round and quite varied from I.P.S.C., GLOCK, 3-gun (Carbine, Pistol, Shotgun) Scoped Rifle, and Shotgun matches. The President, Frank, is a friend of 13 years and the members are all top-notch. []

One of my biggest frustrations when I was an Instructor and trying to recruit people to shoot, was someone who said, “I’m not good enough to enter competition.” Well, you’re not gonna get any better if you don’t go to one, are ya? It’s a perpetual Catch-22. “If I were a better shooter, I’d shoot competition.” If you shot competition……you’d become a better shooter! You see my point.

Here’s another: “All that crap costs money.” With your duty belt, service weapon and magazines, you already possess the necessary equipment to enter basic competition. I shot for years with my service 9mm before investing in better guns and holsters. You should have safety glasses, and if you don’t already, then break down and invest in a good pair (spend $30 for 29-31 decibels protection) of shooting ear muffs. You can get them in Sports Authority or your local gun store.

Still haven’t convinced you? Okay, for the extremely budget conscious among you, there’s your department range. My department has a practice program whereby by any officer can call ahead and/or go to the range on a designated day and time each month and practice with 100 free rounds. Again, excuses abound, but if YOU haven’t called or tried to go YOURSELF, then don’t take your friend’s word for it that, “Oh that stuff never works…” , or “…they’re never open.” Call and harass them until they let you shoot just to shut you up! I don’t know an Instructor worth his/her salt, that won’t MAKE time to train a cop that simply wants to be trained. If you show a real desire to be there for a month or two, you can usually finagle a few extra boxes out of them. (Note: Bring coffee)

I highly recommend taking your duty-rig to the range. The shooting you do during your annual qualification is ‘canned’ for large scale and safety. Do you have the confidence to draw from the holster quickly, take a flash sight picture, assess the threat, and put accurate fire on target? If you can’t answer that question in the affirmative, then you’re not training enough.

No police officer should be afraid of their firearm. It is a sacred tool. It is your lifeline in a true emergency. There is no “time-out”. There are no “do-overs”. On the day you are called upon to enter a deadly confrontation, you should already know what the outcome will be. You’ve committed to the battle even before you knew you were in it. You possess Instinctive Shooting ability and have reflexes borne of thousands of repetitions pulling from the holster on the range perfecting your drawstroke. With a dry gun at first, then ½ speed utilizing the 4 step draw. Eventually getting faster until you have a shot-break that is both fast AND accurate because you’re on ‘auto-pilot’ from hours and days of hard-won muscle memory. Once you determine Deadly Physical Force has been, or is about to be presented, you know you will win the encounter because you HAVE trained for it. The ‘pucker-factor’ will still be there, but it won’t be paralyzing.

Finally, and if nothing else, just go. Try to find someone at work who likes to shoot and ask if you can go with them. If you go alone, start slow. If the rounds are not going where you want them to, concentrate on sight alignment and trigger control. The slower you pull the trigger, the more accurate the shot…and work from there. If you’re still having trouble, then look me up at a precinct in Midtown Manhattan and I’ll shoot with you.

There is Olinville shooting range in the Bronx, Westside Pistol Club in Manhattan in the 20’s near Park Avenue., the Nassau County Range at Mitchell Field in Uniondale, L.I., and Master Class upstate in Monroe. Range fees run $6 - $12 hr. and 9mm ammo runs $10-15 box/50 at Sports Authority, slightly more on the range. There is nothing wrong with shooting factory re-loads for less money, just set aside your duty/carry ammo to load for the street when you leave.

Sweat in Training, so you don’t Bleed in Battle.
Stay Safe.
By Michael E. Clark
Editors Note;
There are PPC matches held on Long Island also.
Directly below in this blog you can find times,
dates and contact persons for PPC matches.