New York Police Combat Association

Location: New York, New York

Wednesday, November 28, 2012


For any NYPCA members who participate they can have their top 3 scores count toward annual awards, a fee of $6.00 will be charged.

 Outdoor NYPCA PPC Schedule


Match Location:

Monroe Chester Sportsman's Club Monroe, New York

Contact: Harry A. Baumann 9 FairView Ave. Nanuet, NY 10954 845-639-5870

BTPCS Monroe Chester Sportsman's Club Monroe, New York
Contact:Peter Venturella
15 Putnam Place Clifton, NJ 07011973-478-8074

NYPD Monroe Chester
Sportsman's Club Monroe, New York
Contact: Brian Jackson

Calverton, New York, Long Island

Frank Trombino
56 Heatherfield Road Valley Stream, NY 11561

NRA Nationals will count towards Gov. 10/20 Annual Awards but individual must submit score to NYPCA Statistics Officer.
The NYPCA will conduct the second NYS Law Enforcement Games (Pistol) and the 1500, Service Gun, Semi-Auto and team will count toward annual awards.
The NYPCA matches July 5 & 6 will be a no–frills match.
Shooters must shoot 4 scores in the 1500, Service Weapon, Semi-Auto and team matches to qualify for annual Governor Twenty awards. 
There will be a Service Gun League, being held at the Monroe/Chester indoor range.

Friday, November 23, 2012


                        2012 NYPCA Annual Meeting 
                               and Election Results

Well, with the 2012 NYPCA Awards Brunch having been held on Saturday 8 December 2012 the shooting season has come to a close.

At the annual meeting there were a few changes.

1- We decided to revert back to the NRA service gun match course of fire, the only change from our current course of fire is 3 yd line 6 rd strong hand 8 sec and 15 yd line 12 rd in 20 sec, all other stages will stay in effect.

2- There will be a service gun league being held at Monroe/Chester Sportsman Club indoor range starting on Monday evening 7 pm 21 Jan and ending in April. You will be able to elect to have your three top scores count toward annual awards for a $2.00 fee for each score.

3- To determine the State Champion and first in each class it will be an aggregate of the 1500 (revolver or Semi-Auto), Semi-Auto, and Service Weapon. This will determine the overall best shooter in the association. This will not affect the cash awards in each of the classes in the State Championship.

4- As of now Roslyn will be conducting two matches in Calverton.

5- The only change on the Executive Board of the Association is that Ron Dileo has replaced Ray Bravo everyone else stayed the same as last year.

6- The Executive Board has been given the authority to explore on having the Law Enforcement Games in September opened up to other state clubs by conducting a postal match but this is only in the preliminary stages at this point.

7- As you can see by the 2013 calendar that we only have 11 matches scheduled for the season that changes how many matches (11) you will need to qualify for annual awards. Hopefully with the change in the qualification for the State Championship winners that more shooters come out for the Semi-Auto Match.

8- This next year we would like to see more shooters come out for the team match. You only need three matches to qualify for annual awards and it's open to teams that are made up of two shooters and they do not have to be from the same department.

9- The association is planning to conduct a steel plate and a tactical match at Monroe in June 13 as a fund raiser. More information will follow.

10- Attached is the 2013 renewal application, please fill it out and send it into the association.

Hope to see you in two weeks for the Annual Awards Brunch, any questions I can be reached on my cell 845 721-7693


Harry Baumann
NYPCA President