New York Police Combat Association

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Monday, November 21, 2011

2011 NYPCA Annual Meeting

Well we've had the 2011 Annual meeting last Saturday Nov 12 and as usual there were only the executive board and about 5 other members to make all the decisions on changes for next years shooting season. So if you weren't there then you will have to accept the changes that were voted on and they were significant.

First of all we will be accepting out of state law enforcement as Associate Members who can receive association annual awards only in the open class. If they shoot sponsored matches during the season they will go by their NRA classification.

The second big change is the service weapon course of fire will be changed as follows:

STAGE 1: 3yds... double action 6 shots one hand (strong), from the standing unsupported position, 6 shots one hand (weak) standing unsupported position, 20 sec, includes reload

STAGE 2: 7 yds... double action, 12 shots from standing unsupported position, 20 seconds, includes reload

STAGE 3: 15 yds.. double action, 6 shots from standing unsupported position, 12 sec

STAGE 4: 25 yds.. double action, 6 shots kneeling strong hand using the barricade, 6 shots standing left hand barricade, 6 shots standing right hand barricade, includes reloading, 90 sec

Targets will be changed after stage 2 B27E target

If you shoot the service weapon at individual matches it will still be the lewis system for match sponsor awards.

The final big change is the designated team match (annual awards) was changed from the 1500 match to the service weapon match. The price for registering as a designated team at time of membership renewal will be $10 per team competitor.

For annual awards the teams will have a classification which will be broken down by the NRA classification percentage.

High Master …. 99.0 and above 476 to 480

Master………... 98.1 to 98.9 471 to 475

Expert………… 96.8 to 98.0 465 to 470

Sharpshooter…. 93.7 to 96.7 450 to 464

Marksman……. 90.1 to 93.6 433 to 463

Classified……. 90.0 and below 432 and below

So at the end of the season your average is 475 then you are a master your team partners end of season average is 470 he would be an expert so the team would be a master team.

Also on the NYS Police and Fire Games web site they have indicated that the games for 2012 and the future have been suspended.

But the NYPCA will continue to conduct the 2012 Law Enforcement Games (pistol) at the Monroe/Chester Sportsman Club on July 26-27-28, 2012.

Try to come out and keep the tradition going.

Last year we ran the games in June which was fairly successful.

2012 application and match dates are attached.

There is still a question of who the NYPD representative is.

The executive board of last year agreed to continue for 2012.


Tuesday, November 01, 2011

One of the newest
CA Teams.

As you can see, Harry and Mike have finally come to a
agreement about the name of their shooting team.


From now on they will be the
Clark Chester Shooting Team.

Please note the
"Clark" is in Clarkstown blue
and the "Chester" is in Westchester orange.


The UN couldn't have worked out a better compromise!